Megajet Climatic

Megajet Climatic

Industrial equipment of great portability, capable for all those requirements of continuous use in medium or great production and where very good finishing and great application speed is required. Very powerful and of industrial high-performance. Atomizes all paints.

The Megajet Climatic uses the HOT-SPRAY system where the paint receives an extra temperature elevation (60C above the ambient temperature) without electric resistances and with the single use of the air coming from its own turbines. Both models allow simultaneous working with two spray guns with two hoses of up to 15m each or four of 8m each.

The Megajet Climatic is based on a simple and effective principle: the production of hot and dry air with super low pressure (6 PSI), that avoids the violent expansion from the air to its exit and the rebound of the paint against the surface, avoiding the formation of the classic polluting cloud. This reduces the consumption of paint and diluter by up to 40%.

Ideal for

All liquid paints including:

  • synthetic enamel
  • sealers for wood
  • lacquers
  • hammered paints
  • acrylic
  • metalized
  • polyurethanes
  • epoxies
  • varnishes
  • inks
  • gel-coats
  • primers
  • latex
  • contact adhesives


  • Paint Without Fog
  • With Hot Air (Quick Drying)
  • Saves 40% of paint
  • Completely portable
  • Very Powerful
  • Atomizes all paints
  • Doesn’t need compressor
  • Industrial Use
  • Very Simple Maintenance
  • 6.000 litres/min) of hot air in continuous form with constant pressure
  • Made in Argentina

Technical Specifications

  • Turbo-compressor: 7 stages; 15.000 R.P.M.
  • Spray Gun C5: cup below cap,1 liter
  • Weight: 42kg.el single phase, 38 kg. the three phase
  • Current: single phase 220v, three phase 220 or 380v  (standard)
  • Flow of air: 6000 liters per minute
  • Pressure of exit of air: 6 psi
  • Exit temperature: 40° above the ambient temperature.
  • Motor power: 1,5 hp asynchronous
  • Hoses: quantity 1, long.8m. (up to 15cm)
  • Capacity: up to 4 guns with hoses of 8mts.
  • System Hot-Spray: +60C
  • Measures: High. 730mm, wide.420 mm, long. 920 mm
  • Assembly: trley with 2 wheels
  • Maximum time of use: without limits

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