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  • Azcothane REO – Duram

    Available sizes: 15 ltr

    Available colours: Grey, White

    Azcothane is a water based, flexible, polyurethane, fortified acrylic emulsion waterproofing membrane. It is formulated for use under tiles, underground, and immersed applications. Azcothane is UV resistant and is suitable for roofs, ponds and water features. Suitable for wet areas, decks, retaining walls constructed from a range of materials.

  • Crystoflex – Duram


    Available sizes: 30kg

    Available colours: Grey

    Crystoflex is a two-part cementitious flexible waterproofing membrane suitable for both non-immersed and immersed applications such as ponding, water tanks, water features and retaining walls.

  • Dampfix PU – Bostik

    Available sizes: 15 ltr

    Dampfix PU is a single component, bitumen free, polyurethane waterproofing membrane. It is suitable for use on internal and external wet areas.

  • Dampshield – Bostik

    Available sizes: 18.9Ltrs

    Available colours: Black

    Dampshield is a one-part bitumen modified, polyurethane waterproofing membrane. When cured it provides a tough, highly elastomeric, impervious barrier to moisture.

  • Durabit Reo – Duram

    Available sizes: 15Ltrs

    Available colours: Blue, Grey

    Durabit is a water-based, elastomeric waterproofing membrane designed for both internal and (non-exposed) external applications. It cures to form a durable, odourless, impervious, seamless membrane. It is non-staining to grout or tiles and has excellent resistance to hydrostatic pressure.

  • Duram Bituflex

    Available sizes: 15ltr

    Available colours: Black

    Duram Bituflex is a water-based ‘rubberised’ latex / bituminous waterproofing compound incorporating elastomers and reinforcing agents. It is formulated to a brushable consistency, but with sufficient body to provide a high build waterproofing membrane. It will not stain grout or tiles and it will not re-emulsify after fully curing.

  • Duroproof NEP Membrane – Durotech


    Available size: 15 litre

    Available colours: Grey

    Duroproof NEP is a high quality, single component polyurethane liquid that rapidly cures  to form a high performance, high modulus, tough, and flexible membrane. For non exposed use only.

    Application Areas:

    • Reinforced concrete and fibrous cement sheeting floors in bathrooms and laundries.
    • Waterproofing beneath screeds on decks, balconies, and podium levels prior to the application of a variety of surface finishes, such as tiles.


    • Single component, easy to spread.
    • Tack-free cure & walkable overnight
    • Excellent toughness.
    • Low odour, low VOC
    • Complies with Green Star requirements.
    • Good abrasion and tear resistance
    • Class III – elongation as per AS/NZ 4858
    • High build application is possible


  • Duroproof PU Black Membrane – Durotech


    Available size: 18.9 litre drum

    Available colours: Black

    Duroproof PU Black membrane is, liquid applied, modified polyurethane elastomeric waterproofing membrane with Class lll elongation, which when fully cured forms a permanently flexible waterproof lining to building surfaces, including reinforced concrete, block work, brick work, metal, wood, cement render, plaster board and fibre cement sheet flooring. Use is only for non-exposed areas.

    Application Areas:

    • Planter boxes
    • Tanking
    • Retaining walls & below grade structures
    • Balconies and podium decks
    • Between concrete slabs

    Product Features:

    • Single component, no mixing
    • Simple application – liquid applied
    • Application by brush, spray, roller, squeegee or trowel. Non-sag for vertical surfaces.
    • Excellent elasticity
    • High solids, high build
    • Low temperature cure
    • Fast moisture cure
    • Coal tar free
    • May be applied over concrete, blockwork, bricks, wood, metal and stone
  • Maxseal Flex – Drizoro

    Available sizes: 35kg , 14kg

    Available colours: Grey

    MAXSEAL FLEX is a flexible, two component, cementitious waterproofing membrane.

    It is non-toxic and adheres to most common substrates used in construction such as concrete, natural and artificial stone, traditional mortar plasters, bricks, concrete blocks.

    Application Fields:

    • Waterproofing and protection of water retaining structures, such as drinking water tanks, reservoirs, water mains and swimming pools
    • Waterproofing of below-grade structures like basements, retaining walls, foundations, tunnels, galleries subjected to both positive or negative high water pressure
    • Internal and external waterproofing and protection of new and old buildings, façades against dampness, rain, pollution and aggressive environments
    • Waterproofing and protection of concrete against carbonation, freeze-thaw cycles, de-icing salts in highways and chlorine penetration in public works, irrigation channels, dams, retaining walls and water treatment plants, bridges, etc.
    • Waterproofing of jardinieres, terraces and balconies under the pavement.
  • Maxseal Foundation – Drizoro

    Available sizes: 14kg, 25kg

    Available colours: Grey

    MAXSEAL FOUNDATION is a construction grade cement-based waterproofing membrane suitable for rigid exterior, underground and masonry substrates.


    • Waterproofing of retaining walls, carparks, basements, elevator pits etc.


    • Can be applied on wet surfaces
    • Can be rendered or painted
    • Unaffected by soil salts
    • Can be used in a positive application.

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