We supply the construction industry with adhesives & sealants. Our industry experience facilitates our efforts in supporting our clients. Industry knowledge and high quality leading edge products ensure our clients have the necessary tools for effective completion of important projects.

  • Azcoseal – Duram

    Available sizes: 4Ltrs, 15Ltrs

    Available colours: Clear

    Azcoseal is a solvent based, UV stable, acrylic sealer (also commonly used as a primer). Its primary use is as a surface barrier to prevent water penetration. Azcoseal has a ‘wet-look’ finish.

  • E P Waterproof Supreme

    Available sizes: 1Ltr, 5Ltrs, 20Ltrs

    Available colours: Translucent

    E P Waterproof Supreme is a high-performing, one part, water-based masonry and concrete waterproofing system / sealer. Utilizing advanced technology, it was designed to create a chemical reaction that solidifies the component parts of concrete. This effect insulates, hardens and waterproofs concrete, brick, plaster, mortar, and most natural stone surfaces.

    Some benefits are:

    • High surface tension – easier stain removal properties One application
    • Non toxic – non hazardous – non flammable
    • High chemical resistance
    • Prevents fretting mortar
    • Compatible with all conventional sealants, adhesives and paint
    • Penetrates & protects from within, Supreme is not a surface coating.
  • S900 – Duram

    Available sizes: 4 Litre & 15 Litre

    Available colours: Clear, Non-Glossy

    S900 penetrates substrates, creating a waterproof barrier.

    For use when sealing porous surfaces including –

    • brick
    • block work
    • sandstone
    • grout
    • porous pavers
    • tiled areas
    • concrete
    • cement render

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